Know that there is hope

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We create the solutions we wished for when we were trying to conceive, so that parents-to-be would have all the tools they need to regain hope & connection.

- Marissa Nelson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
CEO & Founder of Fertility Haven

Marissa Nelson

Reclaim the Fertility Journey

Fertility Haven is built on years of couples therapy and specialized reproductive mental health training. After four years of infertility, therapist and educator Marissa Nelson has developed community and wellness interventions that focus on strengthening individual and couple's emotional resilience and empowering them to overcome the fertility rollercoaster.
Meet Marissa
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Protect Your Ampersand

Your ampersand represents two important aspects of your fertility journey: (1) the quest to add new life and love into your family ecosystem, and (2) the bond among you and your support system - including romantic partner, friends and family - into which your new addition will enter.

Regardless of the treatment path and medical outcome, it is critical that patients are emotionally equipped with the tools to protect their ampersand so they can make healthy choices while navigating the fertility journey.

Find Balance & Perspective

Fertility Haven focuses on individual, relationship, environmental and socio-cultural considerations that play a critical role in the emotional wellbeing and treatment outcomes of patients and their partners during fertility treatment.
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"I didn’t know what to expect coming in and I have been very pleasantly surprised. We have learned a ton about each other, a ton of techniques and had an amazing time."
Stefie and Toby
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"Marissa Nelson has been a godsend… her skillset, her perspective is just… she has a gift… she has a gift… and we got an opportunity to expereince that. Amazing breakthroughs!"
Saran and Jonathan
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"It has been a great experience.. Marissa is awesome… she has been such a rock for us"
Kit and Chris
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"Marissa’s counseling has moved mountains for us. She was able to help us dig deep and identify where the roots of our issues were, where they came from, and she helped us connect the dots… and right now I feel beyond hopeful… I feel confident in our union"
Beverly and Derwin
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"We highly, highly recommend this.. even if you’re super distant or even on the verge of not being together because it definitely was so epic for us…Marissa’s therapy was awesome and really allowed us to break through."
Ana and Gabe