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Fertility Haven addresses all your pressing questions about fertility care, emotional wellness, finances and more.  

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Fertility Haven's advice is firmly based on trusted, research-backed resources, ensuring reliable guidance for your journey.

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No question is too complex, personal, or challenging. Fertility Haven is designed around the actual concerns and questions of fertility patients and partners.

Free & Private

Talking with Fertility Haven is free and confidential, so feel free to ask anything that you may be hesitant to voice aloud.

Don't be shy. Ask as many times as you need.

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Patients & Partners Deserve...

  • Access personalized care that meets their unique needs and preferences
  • Benefit from cycle-appropriate patient education improving cycle satisfaction while reducing anxiety & depression
  • Build emotional resilience individually and with their support networks throughout the treatment cycle
  • Receive evidence-based mental and sexual health support at the right time, reducing the likelihood of dropping out of treatment
  • Find providers who take an holistic approach to healthcare, making them feel valued and supportive
  • Achieve better psycho-emotional health outcomes before during and after treatment
  • Experience emotional support that is integrated within fertility care treatment frameworks
  • Feel empowered and supported in managing their health, increasing their trust and confidence in the healthcare system.
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Our Commitment to You

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Respect for Your Journey - We ensure that our systems, processes and products are inclusive, sensitive and respectful of all who desire to fulfill their fertility dreams.
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Privacy - All responses will be kept strictly confidential and will never be sold or inappropriately shared to anyone outside of the Fertility Haven research team.
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We will Listen to You - Your stories and feedback will be met with empathy, curiosity and compassion so that we can provide truly patient-focused care.
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We Value Your Time - We will always aim to deliver products that convey maximum value to meet your specific needs in the shortest possible timeframe.
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We Promise Trust & Ethics - We will handle all information and processes with the utmost integrity and to the highest moral and professional standards.
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No Obligation - Your participation in our product testing or survey is completely voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time without consequence.

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